Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fashion show WIP

So I am in full throttle Fashion show designing.  I wanted my big finale to be a wedding dress (like famous designers) but since this is a school event, I decided on a prom dress.  Of course, my raw material is t-shirts so I had to come up with a style.  I have been inspired by Angela Johnson's creations, especially her famous t-shirt ballgown:

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous ?!  So of course, there are no tutorials or patterns online on this particular gown so I decided to try something with my dress form.  I drew lines on her and proceeded to make pieces from those drawings.  I tried a first corset in t-shirt and it turned out to be WAY TOO BIG - Duh!  I worked with a stretchy fabric and forgot to account for the stretch - rookie mistake !!!  So on to a second trial with smaller pieces.  It fit !!!  Yay !  Now for the skirt part...  I measured my waist and hips and figured out the length I wanted.  Then, I made my pieces with some ruffling allowance on top.  (If you want more details on how I proceeded, just ask me)  Now, when you draft a pattern yourself, it is always better to make a mock-up of your garment with the same type fabric before you use your GOOD fabric.  So I looked through my stash (once upon a time, I wanted to make and sell undies so I had bought a TON of stretchy pj's and nighties.) and found the necessary fabric.  Since it is a mock-up, I did not mind mixing the fabrics, even making pieces with different fabrics.

So here is my mock-up prom dress on the dress form:

The bodice-corset is not yet attached to the skirt part.  You can see the little PJ patterns (doggies, cats, butterflies, teapots...).  I added a few roses from one of the main fabrics just to decorate a bit.  I wonder if you guys have ideas to embellish it ?

Here is the back part:

Although it seems too small, the stretch is good and I am going to be able to insert a zipper.  I have a crinoline under it (which I bought for 1.50 at Goodwill - woot woot !).

The bottom edge is not regular because I ran out of fabric and was too lazy to fix it.  I might have to do it or to cut the bottom about 6 inches.  We'll see.

Another close-up on the bodice:

So the real dress should be made with red t-shirts.  I just hope I have enough...  My dress is not as poufy as Angela's but I could alter it.  I would just have to make the skirt panels wider.  But I think I like it like that.  Plus, wider skirt panels means more fabric...

So if you guys have any idea about embellishment, I am all ears !

Oh, and by the way, I have NOT graded any lab report...  oy vey !




  1. Pick those beautiful butterflies you have on the skirt and put on the bodies one way or another. Different colors would be nice I think. Paint, embrodery or patchwork or all techniqes together?
    Sorry for my spelling. I´m swedish.

  2. The dress is going to look great made from your dress t-shirts. For bodice embellishment, I would take a small motif or shape from one of the skirt t-shirts and repeat it.

    1. Thank you for your answer, I will keep you gyus posted on what I chose.