Thursday, 8 March 2012

Party favors for spring

Hello all,

Every once and again, I get together with some teacher friends for a meal and a chat to fix all that is wrong with education today !  Tonight, we are having raclette (melted cheese and veggies, and meat, for some...).

As the temperature is finally increasing and it looks like spring, I thought I would make my friends some spring-y party favors (even though I am not the one hosting...).  I found this wonderful tutorial on U create crafts (  So I busted out my scraps (mostly donated by fellow sewers) and I bought some lavender and got working.  They are SO fast to make and fun too.  You could mix and match your fabrics too but I decided to keep it simple since I did not have much time (as per my blog title...).  So here is the result:

Five little pyramids waiting to freshen up someone's life :)

Aren't they adorable ?  And so fragrant too.  I will definitely have to make one for myself.

The tutorial says you can put them wherever: in your purse, your drawers or even in your (or a loved one's) gym bag !  There is nothing like lavender to freshen up the atmosphere.  You could even use them as stocking stuffers for Christmas !!!

OK, so I'm off to my dinner-party with my friends !

Ciao !


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